#039 Stealing Orchestra & Rafael Dionísio

Stealing Orchestra & Rafael Dionísio - Uma Desgraça Nunca Vem Só
2014 YANSR & CCC #039

01 Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile
02 Amigo é aquele que te diz que tens um macaco no nariz
03 Ai Maria, é tanto o teu drama que já nem vou contigo à missa
04 Usa para mim aquela cueca com renda de bilro
05 A Cantiga Selvagem que te canto enquanto faço poses sensuais na minha motorizada
06 Nunca mais me rapo para ti
07 A tua choradeira é meio salário em lenços
08 Gente da minha terra (que mete um nojo do caralho)

Music: João Mascarenhas
Voice & Lyrics: Rafael Dionísio
Mastering: Pedro Costa

Some samples from here and there. No one cares

You Are Not Stealing Records & Chili Com Carne 2014

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#038 Stealing Orchestra

Stealing Orchestra - Deliverance
2013 YANSR #038

Originally released in 2011

01 Evitando O Cinismo
02 Enquanto Há Memória
03 Finding the Right self-schema
04 Um Reino Maravilhoso
05 When Conspiracy Theories Become Mainstream
06 A Glorious Moment of Popular Catharsis & Revenge
07 Sem Tempo Para Tudo
08 Earth Provides Enough to Satisfy Every Man's Need
09 Getting Him Out of Creation

Stealing Orchestra: João Mascarenhas, Fernando Sousa, Gustavo Costa, Pedro Costa, Henrique Fernandes
Mixing and Mastering: João Mascarenhas, Mário Pereira, Pedro Costa
Guests: 02 and 07 Ana Deus 03 Rodrigo Leão 05 João Filipe
Cover image: Armando Brás

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#037 N.O.F.P. (Nova Orquestra Futurista do Porto)

N.O.F.P. (Nova Orquestra Futurista do Porto) - Ao Vivo - Sonoscopia 15.03.13
2013 YANSR #037

01 Ao Vivo - Sonoscopia 15.03.13

N.O.F.P. Alberto Lopes, Henrique Fernandes, João Martins, João Mascarenhas, João Ricardo

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#036 Stealing Orchestra

Stealing Orchestra - The Incredible Shrinking Band
2012 YANSR #036

Originally released in 2003

01 Just Like Oskar, We'll Never Grow Up
02 Que Dêus Te Dê o Dobro de Tudo o Que nos Desejares
03 Enjoy The Fever, Kid
04 Time Travelling Waltz
05 Tetris (Beware Boy, Videogames Are Evil)
06 May All Of Us Live As Long As The Pope
07 The Nanotech-Virus
08 Sorry Captain, but... shouldn't we be thinking about cosmic hazzards,
instead of destroing our space-ship and killing the crew?
09 Anniversary Song (Les Jeaux Interdits Scenario)
10 Os Caretos de Podence
11 El Torero Corneado En El Culo
12 Closing Time
13 The Darkside of a Transvesti
14 A Piela
15 The Living Dead Whistling Quartet
16 The Killer Rat
17 We Wish You Love
18 Happy Ending Theme

Stealing Orchestra: João Mascarenhas, Pedro Costa, Pedro Vidal, Gustavo Costa e Fernando Sousa
Mixing and Mastering: Stealing Orchestra, Luis Carlos & Ricardo Branco
Guest: Brendan Rui Hemsworth
Cover image: Armando Brás
Recorded: October 2002/February 2003

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#035 Stealing Orchestra

Stealing Orchestra - Stereogamy
2012 YANSR #035

Originally released in 2000

01 No (- Have you seen God - Who? - That rich bloke that had the world built)
02 Le Cirque
03 The Right Ordering Show
04 Oye Como Va
05 Kung Fu Trunx girl
06 Autumn Flying Leaves
07 Mujer
08 Star wars and Twilight Zone themes
09 Bugsy is a Punk Rocker
10 Arca de Noé - Noah's Ark
11 The two faces of Dean Martian
12 Stereogamy
13 What's that?
14 The Knight From the Spectrum Game
15 T.V. Guide
16 Summer of '42
17 O Neurónio que estourou - The Neuron that blew up

Stealing Orchestra: João Mascarenhas, Armando Brás, Pedro Marques, Paulo Fialho
Guests: 03 Joana Oliveira (voice) 12 Pedro Vidal (guitar)
Mixing and Mastering: Stealing Orchestra & João Maya
Cover image: Armando Brás
Recorded: November/December 1999

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#034 Party People in a Can

Party People in a Can - For the Enemy Who Escapes, Golden Bridges
2012 YANSR #034

01 Quite a Light Show
02 Deep Diving_New Age Crap III
03 The Aid of Red Wine
04 Ok But Not Today
05 Russian Beach (Heycaluca)
06 Like Music-hall Dancers With No-fear T-shirts
07 Surfing With My 2 Little Brothers
08 Tourist Shooting Tar Balls

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#033 Salvatore

Salvatore - Damnatio
2011 YANSR #033 Portugal

01 Damnatio

Music, Production, Mixing: João Mascarenhas
Paintings: Gustave Doré

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Creative Commons license


#032 Futuro Primitivo

YANSR & CCC - Futuro Primitivo
2011 YANSR #032 Portugal

01 Ondina Pires - Revelation to John
02 Chiby Shit Plan - OuterSpaceLoneliness
03 Cospe - Piece of Machinery
04 Pedro Sousa - Pós Africanismos Redundantes
05 Stealing Orchestra & Kao Ryao - Refugio Zen nas Ruínas da Antiga Fabrica de Robots
06 Assinante 35278/TW - et nanissa
07 J. Ortega - Pink Machine
08 JMP - The pale Murgatroyd
09 John P-Cabasa - Arundo
10 Somália - La venta altar 7
11 André Ruivo - Mechanical People (instrumental)
12 Pepedelrey - Vapor Doce
13 Rita Braga - Tema de uma feira popular decadente
14 Te Voy A Matar - Supercondutor
15 TendaGruta - UrfutoTripimivo
16 zZZOUNDZZz - Spent Brain
17 Marte & Stealing Orchestra - José Carlos

Original soundtrack of comics anthology FUTURO PRIMITIVO, published by Chili Com Carne

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Creative Commons license


#031 Stealing Orchestra

Stealing Orchestra - Deliverance
2011 YANSR #031 - Portugal

01 Evitando O Cinismo
02 Enquanto Há Memória
03 Finding the Right self-schema
04 Um Reino Maravilhoso
05 When Conspiracy Theories Become Mainstream
06 A Glorious Moment of Popular Catarsis & Revenge
07 Sem Tempo Para Tudo
08 Earth Provides Enough to Satisfy Every Man's Need
09 Getting Him Out of Creation

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Press-Release 2011 - Deliverance

Stealing Orchestra – The Return

Deliverance (You Are Not Stealing Records, 2011)

After seven years, Stealing Orchestra gain new life and announce their return with their third feature-length album, DELIVERANCE. The new album contains nine brand new tracks and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the band's netlabel You Are Not Stealing Records.

Stealing Orchestra are joined on the new album by Rodrigo Leão (Madredeus) and Ana Deus (Três Tristes Tigres). DELIVERANCE can be found in digital format on iTunes or Amazon and in CD in Portuguese stores, Louie Louie, or through the band.

The cover design and booklet were done by Armando Brás, collaborator and longtime friend of the band, and André Coelho. The result is a work that perfectly mirrors the imagery explored by Stealing Orchestra.

The last release of this Portuguese band from Porto was the EP BU in 2004. Since then, the musicians have dedicated themselves to various side projects, including X-Wife, Genocide, Motornoise, GG Allin's Dick, Tres Tristes Tigres, Mécanosphère, Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt, FRICS, and Two White Monsters Around the Table. Members have even collaborated with musicians like John Zorn, Damo Suzuki (Can), Steve Mackay (Stooges), Massimo Pupillo (Zu), and Pamelia Kurstin, among others.

This "liberation" is the culmination point of several years of distilling ideas, compositions, recordings, and sound research. Unlike previous albums, where manipulation and sound collage assumed a key role, DELIVERANCE celebrates a new attitude of the band, promoting a creative process involving several elements where it is impossible to distinguish between what are samples and what are the real instruments.

The result is thus a more organic and fluid composition, which must be heard as a whole: the drama in "Evitando o Cinismo (Avoiding Cynicism)," the loss in "Enquanto há Memória (While There is Living Memory)," the harsh beauty of the Tras-ss-Montes province [Americans suck at geography, so explaining it is a province here for the dummies] in "Um Reino Maravilhoso (A Wonderful Kingdom)," the popular violence in "The Glorious Moment of Popular Catharsis & Revenge," and the hope in "Earth Provides Enough to Satisfy Every Man's Need." In the last song, "Getting Him Out Of Creation," we listen to an excerpt of an interview with the philosopher Colin McGinn, on THE ATHEISM TAPES (BBC, 2004). Then back to the beginning of everything: explosions, the thunder, the violent birth of the Earth, and the first sounds of water and life, ending in Man, the Machine, and Chaos. Stealing Orchestra suggest us to forget God and see the creation of a world that was born by itself and not by Him.

DELIVERANCE is a deeply emotional album, full of faith and idiosyncrasy (but always without him around, of course), waiting to be discovered and rediscovered again and again.

DELIVERANCE is, at its core, an album made with love, without asking permission, and without any fear of pointing out new directions where we can hear everything we have heard before in totally different ways. DELIVERANCE will never be "World Music," but it is not afraid to admit that it is music from around the world always true to its roots.

With 13 years of existence, Stealing Orchestra edited their first demo in 1998, POSTCARD PEOPLE, which earned them the attention of critics and six awards at that year's edition of the defunct Prémios Maquete (Demo Awards). Two years later, the group launched their debut album STEREOGAMY (NorteSul / EMI-VC) which expressed the group's fascination with cinema, collages, sound manipulation, computer game soundtracks, and obsolete machinery capable of producing the most unlikely sounds.

In 2001, the album É PORTUGUÊS? NÃO GOSTO! began a new phase in the band's career. Released by the newly formed netlabel YANSR (the first Portuguese netlabel and one of world's first), this EP challenged traditional means of publishing and played with the prejudices about "what is ours" (from our country Portugal). The title speaks for itself, IS IT PORTUGUESE? I DON'T LIKE IT.

The last full-length release before hibernation, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING BAND (Zounds / Sabotage), took their universe further and continued to celebrate music as a weapon. At this time the group had reached the status of a cult band in Portugal. A year later, they released THE HAUNTED AND ALMOST LOST SONGS 97-98 - a collection of previously unreleased lost songs recorded during 1997 and 1998 - and BU! - an exorcism in the format of an EP of their paranoias, fears, anxieties, and excitements.

Special Guests:

Ana Deus (“Enquanto Há Memória” and “Sem Tempo Para Tudo”)

Rodrigo Leão (“Finding The Right Self-Schema”)

João Filipe (“When Conspirancy Theories Become Mainstream”)

Stealing Orchestra are:

João Mascarenhas, Fernando Sousa, Gustavo Costa, Pedro Costa, Henrique Fernandes

CD at Louie Louie (Porto, Lisboa and online)i:


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#030 Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt

Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt - Le Sacre du Printemps (Le Sacrifice)
2010 YANSR #030 - Portugal

01 Le Sacre du Printemps (Le Sacrifice)

Produced and mixed by Stealing orchestra
Composed by Igor Stravinsky

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Creative Commons license

#029 G.G. Allin's Dick

G.G. Allin's Dick - Groovy Tunes for Old Ladies
2010 YANSR #029 - Portugal

01 He was an ok man but he’s dead now. Thank God
02 These Kids Today
03 Summer of '38
04 Tea, Weed & TV Shows
05 Widow but with a lot of years ahead

Music & Mixing: João Mascarenhas
Production: Stealing Orchestra
Mastering: Pedro Costa

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Creative Commons license


#028 G.G. Allin's Dick

G.G. Allin's Dick - Grandes Éxitos
2010 YANSR #028 - Portugal

01 Pollita Española
02 No quiero verte llorar
03 El Infierno tan temido
04 Un pecho desnudo y muy hermoso

All songs by Stealing Orchestra
Produced & Mixed by Stealing Orchestra

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Creative Commons license


#027 Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt

Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt - Carmina Burana
2009 YANSR #027 - Portugal

01 O Fortuna
02 Fortune plango vulnera
03 Veris leta facies
04 Olim lacus colueram
05 In taberna quando suus
06 In trutina

All Songs by Carl Orff
Produced & Mixed by Stealing Orchestra

Carmina Burana (Wikipedia)

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Creative Commons license


#026 Luís Antero

Luís Antero - Sinfonia Amphibia
2009 YANSR #026 - Portugal

01 Sinfonia Amphibia 17:44

Field Recordings at Mandanelho Park,
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra, Portugal

This work contains pure field recordings

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Creative Commons license


#025 Invacuo

Invacuo - Mark Twain in Japan
2009 YANSR #025 - U.S.A.

01 Shaker
02 Collegiate
03 tinydistortedairplane
04 Mark Twain in Japan
05 clapmosphere

Produced by Justin and Brendan Shea

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Creative Commons license